My Work in the FLC TPC group

laser optics The main subject of my work is to implement a laser sytem in a TPC. In the case of Reasearch and Development efforts there are three possibilities to produce tracks in a gaseous detector. First possibility is to use cosmic muons, second to use particles from a testbeam. An alternative possibility is to produce tracks from an UV laser system. One advantage of an UV laser is the good reproducibility of laser tracks at a certain position, another advantage is the comparabel simple splitting of a laser beam in two or more beams. An additional opportunity is that a laser can be used for a lot of calibration measurements in the detector. From the measurement of the drift velocity, that is a crucial parameter in a TPC, to calibrations of electric and magnetic field inhomogenities a UV laser provides various opportunities to check or cross-check these parameters. One important point are the diffrent production processes between a Minimal Ionising Particle (MIP) and a laser track. In the case of MIP's a significant production of so called delta electrons takes place. In the case of a laser you ionize the gas by a multi-photon process. Further studies have to prove if this has an influence of the resolution of such laser tracks.

Links for me and my work

→The ROOT-Homepage

Current talks

→ talk lasersystem September 2004, Maria-Laach, Germany
→ High Magnetic Field Performance of a GEM-TPC October 2004, Rome, Italy
→ dpg talk 2005 March 2005, Berlin, Germany
→ R&D for a Time Projection Chamber at the ILC January 2006, Hamburg
→ dpg talk 2006 March 2006, Dortmund, Germany


→ Rekonstruktion von Neutralinos mit TESLA
→ DAQ System for Linear Collider TPC Prototypes
→ Development and studies of a time projection chamber with GEMs

Application documents

→ Curriculum Vitae (German Version)
→ Curriculum Vitae (English Version)

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