This is the outlook to the group activities of the Hamburg/Rostock TPC group.

TPC: Tracking for Experts

Team TPC The main activities of the Hamburg Rostock TPC group is to study the behaviour of GEM TPC prototypes. The activities are divided in three major fields.

Hardware: In case of the EUDET-project, a project fianced by the European Union to provide infrastructure for detector development related to the ILC, our group has taken over the responsibility for the designing, developing and testing of a field cage for the ILC TPC community.
Also in the framework of EUDET the setup of a superconducting Magnet facility should be coordinated within our group.
Smaller hardware projects like the implementation of a Slow Control system and the test of a TDC readout electronic are also done within our group.

Analysis: The analysis work focuses on two subjects. First subject is to analyse the single point resolution and study different track finding and fitting methods. Second subject is to determine the two track separation capability. A reconstrucion and analysis software has been developed, that provides a large variety of methods to test the diffrent cases. The current programm is called Multifit. The methods of this basic programm should be implemented in a new build, MARLIN based programm called MATRiX.

Simulation: to be continued ...

The Dark Side of TPC

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