Albert Schweitzer "Der Kampf ums Dasein ist ein doppelter. Der Mensch hat sich in der Natur und gegen die Natur und ebenso unter den Menschen und gegen die Menschen zu behaupten. Eine Herabsetzung des Kampfes ums Dasein wird dadurch erreicht, dass die Herrschaft der Vernunft über die Natur sowohl wie über die menschliche Natur sich in grösstmöglicher und zweckmässigster Weise ausbreitet. Die Kultur ist ihrem Wesen nach also zweifach. Sie verwirklicht sich in der Herrschaft der Vernunft über die Naturkräfte und in der Herrschaft der Vernunft über die menschlichen Gesinnungen."
Albert Schweitzer, Kultur und Ethik, ISBN 3406392504, S. 35

Henry Rollins At night the highway's diesel roar
Speaks to me and tells me more
Than any book I've ever read
Or anything you ever said
With silent eyes inside
I watch myself and worlds collide
The seasons burn and crack my skin
I stay outside and live within

Henry Rollins, extract from the song Illumination from the 2000 Album "Get Some Go Again"

 Batman Begins ...,but if you make yourself more than just a man,
if you devote yourself to an ideal
and if they can't stop you
than you become something else entirely.
Which is ?
A legend Mr. Wayne.
Ra's al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, "Batman Begins"

What's Culture ?

What is Culture ? This is an question that has been raised maybe as long as there is the human race and I'm far away from awaking the impression, that I could give the final answer to that topic. So I simply try to give my personal interpretation. Very common one can propably say, that culture is the development of specific values and norms of a society or a ethnic group, that is transported by several institutions, special artefacts and rituals. Individuals that fits best in a specific culture are the ones that have either a natural talent for fulfilling the criteria of norms and values or have maybe passed the rituals of initiation after a long process of education.
This sounds nice, but maybe also a little bit passive, because Culture is for me never a passive act of simply fulfilling some value and norms. It's also active process of creating and defining these values and norms. Every time one develops an interpretation of a poem or understands a law of nature you became a human.
So the long story short is. Don't think about culture, do it ! To get some helpfull ideas here follows the Links of some of my favorite Homepages. I also will unregularly report from some cultural events, I visit that you may find interesting.

My Top five Culture-Links

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