Editing WEB files with the GNU Emacs editor

If you are developing your WEB, CWEB or FWEB programs using the GNU Emacs editor, there is web-mode.el by Mark Motl <motl@cs.tamu.edu>; the corresponding GNU Emacs mode can deal with WEB, CWEB and FWEB.

It is capable of many things, including jumping to sections and modules, inserting (and previewing) index entries, hiding and exibiting the body of a .web file (showing the tree), inserting, quoting, and consistently renaming modules etc. It supports change files and journal files. It is especially useful when dealing with large .web files not to have to deal with monolithic files.

Detailed information is contained in the User's Manual (PostScript). Here is a reference card (PostScript). The sources can be retrieved from here. The latest version should always be available via anonymous FTP from ftp.cs.tamu.edu, or in Europe from ftp.th-darmstadt.de as web-mode.tar.Z

More Modes

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Last updated September 30, 1993

Marcus Speh