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Literate Programming Archives

Various stuff, including WEB systems for Maple, Reduce, Ada and APL, CNOWEB, DOSNOWEB, FunnelWEB, MWEB, PC-WEB, SpiderWEB,... can be found at the following archives in the US and in Europe:
  • George D. Greenwade's archive at (gopher server)
  • Joachim Schrod's archive at
  • The sites of the CTAN, the "Comprehensive TeX Archive Network"
  • Selected Samples


    Sample programs for FWEB are contained in the FWEB distribution at [this dir has disappeared. The unpacked demo files are now here]. Here, you can look at woven sample output (PostScript, ASCII).

    A couple of sample files for CWEB can be retrieved from the freeHEP server (in directory pub/freehep/languages/cweb) as well. Here, you can look at woven sample output (PostScript, ASCII). Here is a long example [PostScript] in C++.


    More sample programs for CWEB are contained in the CWEB distribution at in directory pub/cweb/examples.

    The simple desk calculator program from the Kernighan & Ritchie standard text on C was transformed into a instructive LitProg example for multiple source files by Cameron Smith. It can be retrieved via anonymous FTP from in directory pub/web/cweb/kr-cweb-sample. Here, you can look at its woven output (PostScript, ASCII).


    I am hoping for your comments on a couple of examples written in NOWEB v2.5 which supports an index of user-defined identifiers.

    With v2.6, Noweb has an HTML front-end. Here are some examples with C++.

    Examples for CWEB and NOWEB by Lee Wittenberg are obtainable via anon FTP from

    Last updated August 4, 1994

    Marcus Speh