Donald E. Knuth, "Literate Programming", CLSI (Center for the Study of Language and Information) Lecture Notes Number 27, Leland Stanford Junior University, 1992. ISBN 0-937073-81-4, Price: $32.

New books [from <comp.programming.literate>]:

There are two recently published books by Donald Knuth which contain substantial examples of CWEB programming. He intro- duced them about a month ago, in person, at Computer Literacy in San Jose, CA. They're 'The Stanford GraphBase', ISBN 0-201-54275-7 ($41.95) and <A HREF="">'The CWEB System of Structured Documentation'</A> ISBN 0-201-57569-8 (about $25.00). I recommend both. I plan to learn about graphs from the former.. -- Your CHILL compiler supplier (415)903-1436 (voice) (415)903-0122 (FAX) The first book is also available through the ACM.