Recommended Physical Science Books

This is an incomplete list of comments or just references on books that I have recently seen or heard of.
Istvan Montvay and Gernot Münster,
"Quantum Fields on the Lattice" (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics, 1994) ISBN 0521 404320 (hardback)

Heinz J. Rothe,
"Lattice Gauge Theories - An Introduction" (World Scientific, 1992) ISBN 981-02-0607-0 (paperback)

S. Sternberg
"Group Theory and Physics" Cambridge University Press (1994), ISBN 0-521-24870-1
A nice intro to physics for a mathematician, or vice versa.(Thanks to Scott Carter)

V. Turaev
"Quantum Invariants of Knots and 3-manifolds" de Gruyter (1994),ISBN 3-11-013704-6
A wonderful exposition of the new inv. of knots and 3-manifolds that come from stat. mech. ideas.(Thanks to Scott Carter)
If you have read a book which you can recommend, or want to review in any other way, please write a few lines and send them to Lutz Lilje

Here is a list of books on mathematical physics recommended by John Baez from Princeton

Here is the Campus Bookstore of the GNA Virtual Library.

Last updated Dec 16 1996