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3.16.4. Tools

In addition to the above components, the following tools are also made available as part of this release:

demangle - Demangle demangles all the various names strewn throughout each of the object files in the argument list. This enables the various C tools such as nm(1), dbx(1), gprof(1), and others to produce results with pleasant identifier names.

freestore - Freestore is a C++ symbolic freestore manager which contains routines that let the programmer view the contents of the freestore symbolically during execution of a C++ program. They are normally called "by hand" by the programmer from within a debugger but since they are linked in as part of the application code, they can also be called from the program itself.

G2++ - G2++ provides a method for structuring records for messages used

for interprocess communication or records used for long-term data storage. I/O routines are available for reading and writing G2++ records from a C++ program: G2++ typed I/O routines. These routines are generated by the G2++ compiler.

hier - Hier produces the inheritance hierarchy for the C++ source code contained in the given collection of files. The output language can be any of "ps" (postscript), "dag", "pic", "tex", or "dvi".

publik - Publik prints the public portions of all class definitions contained, directly or indirectly, in the list of input files.