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3.16.2. Features

General Purpose - Reusable for applications and other library routines providing real cost savings in development and test time and maintenance costs.

Designed for the efficiency which C++ programmers demand - Small standalone non-hierarchical components provide for greater compile and run time efficiency. The smaller code size results in greater efficiency in computing resource usage.

USL C++ Standard Components are designed for the AT&T standard for C++. This design criteria results in a high level of confidence that the product works well with the many derivative USL C++ Language System product which abound.

Tested and reliable, in production for over 2 years - These components have been in use within Bell Laboratories within a wide range of applications. This maturity results in lowering the risk of the use in critical applications.

Well documented - A thorough reference manual coupled with an extensive tutorial provide the end user with a jump start on productive use of the components without extensive training. For resellers, it is easier for producing quality documentation for a shrink wrapped product.

Built to meet "Real World" needs - Production proven, applicable to any application, useful in every application, the C++ Standard Components provide a high return on the investment.