Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++

General     These are chosen references to both online and published material which are suggested as additional reading for the course. Some of these references are so called Web Directories containing collections of links to other online resources. This may require you to browse through them for a while until you actually find something which suits your needs.

If you stumble accross a resource which you think is missing here, send me a note. I'll check it out and put it on this reading list.

Resources on
- Budd, Timothy. An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 2nd Edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-82419-1, 1997.
- Claussen, Ute. Objektorientiertes Programmieren, ISBN: 3-540-55748-2, Springer-Verlag, 1993.
- de Champeaux, Dennis; Lea, Douglas; Faure, Penelope. Object-Oriented System Development, ISBN: 0-201-56355-X, Addison-Wesley, 1993.
- Holzapfel, Roland. Object-Oriented Programming,
- Lea, Douglas. Object-Oriented System Development, HTML'ized version of the corresponding book.
- Schneider, Manfred. Some Links: Object-Orientation,

Resources on
- Brokken, Frank B.; Kubat, Karel. C++ Annotations,, ICCE, State University of Groningen, 1995.
- Cline, Marshall P.. Table of contents for FAQ on C++,, HTML'ization by University of Sunderland, School of Computing and Information Systems, 1992.
- Ford, William; Topp, William. Data Structures with C++, Prentice-Hall, 1996. ISBN 0-02-420971-6.
- Lippman, Stanley B.; Lajoie, Josée. C++ Primer, 3rd edition, Addison-Wesley, 1998. ISBN 0-201-82470-1.
- C++ at DESY. The C++ Virtual Library,, 1995.
- Metz, Brent; Berkheimer, Andy; Bobb, Josh. From The Ground Up: A Guide to C++., 1996.
- Meyer, Scott. Effective C++, 2nd Edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-92488-9, 1998.
- Stroustrup, Bjarne. The C++ Programming Language, 3rd Edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-88954-4, 1997.

Resources on
- Degener, Jutta. Programming in C,, resource collection, 1995.

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