(Bjarne Stroustrup)

C++ Language Extensions

9 Jun 93 19:33:09 GMT AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill NJ
Newsgroups: comp.lang.c++,comp.std.c++

There has been a lot of messages arguing for or against extensions
in general and for or against particular proposed extensions.
The extreme positions can be summarized as:

	This extension is essential now!
	No extensions!

I will post two long messages on extensions. The first

"How to propose an extension"

states the position of the extensions working group of the ANSI/ISO C++ standards group (this is a re-post from last year). The other

Why consider language extensions?

explains some of my views. Summary: A sceptical, conservative, and thorough approach to extensions provides a greater degree of stability and utility than either of the extreme positions. Naturally, this position will not please people with more extreme views. - Bjarne Stroustrup (extensions WG chair)


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