(David Myers)

OOP projects

CERN European Lab for Particle Physics Mon, 21 Jun 1993 12:54:44 GMT

Newsgroups: hepnet.lang.c++,cern.c++

The following list may be of interest. I don't pretend that it is accurate and  
it certainly isn't complete, but it represents the OOP projects in HEP of which  
I have some record.

David Myers.

1981/85 PIONS (CERN)
                Graphics application with home-mode tools
1990-   NeXT (SLAC)
                Prototype data display, etc. Wrapper technology
                Detector simulation and event analysis
                HEP physical processes simulation
        CPLear (CERN)
                Real-time on-line control via VME
        WANF (CERN)
                On-line slow control via CAMAC.
        Delphi (CERN)
                Use of Objecteering for event display, etc.
        Nebulus (CERN)
                ATM switching network simulation for Event builder
                (MicroC++ with Concurrency)
        Use of OMT
                Triumph (Canada), OOPLA (CERN)
        Simulation of many parrallel processors
                VDM++, Modsym, McroC++ (CERN)
                GEM colaboration C++ pilot project.
        NA49 (CERN)
                C++ event distribution to on-line processors
        RD 13 (CERN)
                Starting to look at OODBMS
                Event data analysis
        OPAL (CERN)
                Run-time data taking system
        Atlas (CERN)
                Investigate C++ and Eiffel for LHC off-line analysis
                BEAMLINE Automatic differentiation of limit functions
                accelerator design
        LBL (US)
                work for FNAL fixed target experiment.
                various programs by theorists
        CEBAF (US)
                Accelerator Control with Eiffel
        Bochum (Germany)
                Mixing C++ and Fortran (wrappers)
        HEP C++ Class Library
               Active discussion on UseNet