Program for Bad Honnef 2012

Talks by the participants: 25 + 5 minutes resp. 15 + 5 minutes according to the time-table.
9:00 E. Dudas G. Servant J. Teschner M. Krämer
10:30 coffee
11:00 H. Jockers T. Schwetz C. Scrucca A. Knochel
11:30 R. Richter R. Catena M. Alim C. Luhn
12:00 Ch. Lüdeling T. Prokopec W. Stässens N. Dragon
12:30 lunch
14:10 Pat. Vaudrevange O. Zanusso
14:40 S. Krippendorf Pas. Vaudrevange
15:10 C. Horst S. Kraus
15:30 M. Poretschkin M. Rummel
15:50 coffee coffee
16:30 D. Junghans R. V. Isermann
16:50 M. Fischer M. Fallbacher
17:10 F. Gautason K. Groh
17:30 T. Wotschke S. Rachenberger
17:50 F. Rühle
18:10 C. Staudt

M. AlimBPS Spectra of N=2 QFT
R. CatenaThe local Dark Matter phase-space density and impact on WIMP direct detection
N. DragonGravitational Energy Density
M. FallbacherNo-go theorems for R-symmetries in four-dimensional GUTs
M. FischerHeterotic Orbifold classification
F. GautasonHigher Order Constraints in Heterotic String Compactifications
K. GrohDevelopments in Asymptotically Safe Gravity
Ch. HorstSpontaneously breaking N=4 supergravity to N=2 via electric gaugings
R. S. IsermannNew relations for scattering amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory at loop level
H. JockersTBA
D. JunghansBackreaction of SUSY-breaking branes
A. KnochelNeutrino Superluminality - Models and Constraints
S. KrausFluxbrane Inflation
S. Krippendorf TBA
Ch. LüdelingNonuniversal Anomalies from the Heterotic String
C. LuhnNeutrino mass models and sizable θ13
M. PoretschkinFluxes and Warping for Gauge Couplings in F-theory
T. ProkopecPhase Transitions and Goldstone Theorem in de Sitter
S. RechenbergerAsymptotically Safe Yukawa Systems
R. RichterLight stringy states
F. RühleGLSM Description of Heterotic Compactification Spaces
M. RummelDe Sitter vacua in type IIB string theory/F-theory by Kähler uplifting
T. SchwetzResults from dark matter direct detection and their implications
C. ScruccaSupersymmetry breaking in the no-scale sector of Calabi-Yau string models
W. StässensThe generalized Kähler geometry of N=(2,2)
Ch. StaudtThe Hilbert basis method for D-flat directions and the superpotential
Pas. VaudrevangeThe overshoot problem in open inflation after tunneling
Pat. VaudrevangeGUTs and R-Symmetries in 4d and from Strings
T. Wotschke Wall-Crossing holomorphic anomaly and mock modularity of multiple M5-branes
O. ZanussoFunctional renormalization group of models with fluctuating geometry