String Steilkurs 2009

The lectures will be held in the lecture hall of the central building of the Max Planck-Campus in Golm.

time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
930 Melnikov Rangamani Melnikov Rangamani Konechny
1100 Coffee Break
1130 Konechny Grimm Rangamani Konechny Grimm
1300 Lunch Break
1400 Melnikov Rangamani Konechny Grimm Melnikov
1530 Coffee Break
1600 Grimm Konechny Grimm Melnikov Rangamani


Thomas Grimm (Bonn): “
Flux compactifications”
Ilarion Melnikov (Golm): “
String Geometry and Gauged Linear Sigma Models”
Anatoly Konechny (Edinburgh): “
Renormalization Group Flows in 2D: Perturbative and Non-Perturbative Aspects”
Mukund Rangamani (Durham): “
Gravity and Hydrodynamics: the Fluid-Gravity Correspondence”

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