Workshop Program


18th Workshop on
"Foundations and Constructive Aspects of QFT"

II. Institut für Theoretische Physik der Universität Hamburg


Friday, 12th May
15:00-15:45Christoph Schweigert (Hamburg)Remarks on rational conformal field theories on unoriented surfaces
15:45-16:30Ferdinand Brennecke (Zürich)Considerations to the fulfillment of the MWI in perturbative algebraic QFT
Coffee Break
17:00-17:45Reinhard Lorenzen (Hamburg)Spin, Statistics and Reflections
17:45-18:30Walter Pedra (Leipzig)Zur mathematischen Theorie der Fermifluessigkeiten bei positiven Temperaturen
Saturday, 13th May
9:30-10:15Gianpiero Mangano (Napoli)Shadows of noncommutative spacetime in cosmology
Coffee Break
10:45-11:30Nikolay Nikolov (Göttingen)Harmonic bilocal fields and their representations
11:30-12:15Christoph Dehne (Leipzig)On the path integral in time/space non--commutative theories
13:30-14:15Giuseppe Ruzzi (Rom)A cohomological description of connections and curvature over posets
14:15-15:00Volker Bach (Mainz)Re-Expansion of Ground State and Scattering Matrix Elements in Nonrelativistic QED

All talks take place in the Desy Auditorium (Building 5).

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