DESY  PhysicsResearchCommittee

Rules for Submission of Documents to the DESY PRC


General Rules for Submission of Documents

bullet The PRC secretary must be informed typically 2 months in advance of the PRC meeting if a new proposal is to be submitted. 
This is required as it may be necessary to find a reviewer. 
bullet New proposals must be submitted 4 weeks in advance of the PRC meeting.
bullet Updates to existing proposals must also be submitted to the PRC 4 weeks in advance of the meeting.
Notes and additional information can be submitted until 2 weeks before the meeting.
bullet The proposal or status report should be submitted via Email to the PRC secretary "". 
bullet Late submission can result in postponing the review until the next PRC meeting.


R&D Research Projects:

In order to efficiently review the various R&D projects it is necessary to have  good summary of the project status.
Therefore the minimum contents of the status reports has been specified. The following is a mail addressing these issues.

This mail can be downloaded in PDF format here:   Rules for R&D status reports.

The recommended template for title page of the R&D status reports can be found here: (ps)   tex

A complete author list is requested.

 The cover page should have the format below: