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2015 GNN Dissertation Prize: two winners at DESY

A twofold pleasure for the IceCube group at DESY: Juan Pablo Yáñez and Jakob van Santen, both from DESY in Zeuthen, have won two of the three dissertation prizes of the Global Neutrino Network, GNN.

GNN Prize winners Juan Pablo Yáñez (left) und Jakob van Santen.
Juan Pablo Yáñez has written his thesis “Measurement of neutrino oscillations in atmospheric neutrinos with the IceCube DeepCore detector” in DESY, as a student of the Humboldt University Berlin. He has analyzed neutrino events taken with IceCube. He could constrain the allowed region for the two parameters which govern the oscillation behavior of neutrinos. That was the first demonstration that a detector in natural ice is able to deliver precision results in the field of neutrino physics. A paper with his results has been published in Phys. Rev. D 91, 072004 (2015) (see also arXiv:1410.7227).

Jakob van Santen has written his thesis not in DESY but as a student of the University of Wisconsin (USA) and could be recruited afterwards as a postdoc for the group in Zeuthen. In his thesis “Neutrino Interactions in IceCube above 1 TeV: Constraints on Atmospheric Charmed-Meson Production and Investigation of the Astrophysical Neutrino Flux with 2 Years of IceCube Data taken 2010-2012” he has analyzed the energy spectrum and angular distribution of neutrinos which have be recorded with IceCube. His work revealed new, important information on the recently discovered astrophysical neutrinos. A paper with his results has been published in Physical Review D 91, 022001 (2105) (see also arXiv:1410.1749).

The Global Neutrino Network was founded on October 15, 2013, with the goal to coordinate construction, operation and data analysis of the large neutrino telescopes in deep water and ice. This year, the GNN Dissertation Prize was awarded for the first time. It acknowledges the work of candidates who have contributed significantly to the success of their project and who have written an outstanding PhD thesis.