15.03.2018 / 20:00 / Hamburg, DESY Auditorium, building 5

The Arts Society Hamburg

Mad Men and the Artists - how the advertising industry has exploited fine art

Tony Rawlins (guests are welcome)

Fine art has provided advertisers and their agencies with a great deal of material to use in their creative campaigns. I describe some of the processes by which these advertisements have been created and why the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo have been a particularly rich source. From the Renaissance, through to the present day, fine art continues to provide opportunities to enhance Brand imagery with admiration, humour, satire and irony. In what I hope is an entertaining and informative lecture, I use a wide range of visuals and video to show examples of the original works, the creative process and (not always entirely successful) advertisements that are the end result.

More Information: https://www.bridfas-hamburg.de/programme/special-events/thursday-15-march-2018-at-8pm.php