17.05.2017 / 17:00 / Hamburg, Bistro, Geb. 9a

Science Café - öffentliche Veranstaltung - Eintritt frei

Atoms in the quantum world (Dieses Science Café ist englischsprachig und daher sehr gut für bilinguale Schülerinnen und Schüler geeignet)

Dr. Nele Müller (DESY)

For a long time, philosophers and natural scientists have had the idea that our world is set together from tiny parts, so-called atoms. But it took until the 20th century to realize that atoms are not simple spheres, or solid lumps, orbited by electrons like a sun by its planets. They can be described in a more appropriate way by quantum physics. This Science Café illustrates how atoms look in the quantum world. Quantum physics is also the basis for many methods that enable scientists to gain a deeper understanding of the world on an atomic level.

More Information: http://sciencecafe.desy.de/e205504/e280555/