Gay-Lussac Humboldt Research Award for Emilian Dudas

Professor Emilian Dudas from the École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France is awarded the Gay-Lussac Humboldt Research Award. He will spend two extended research visits at DESY in Hamburg, the first one starting today.

Professor Helmut Schwarz, President of the Humboldt Foundation (left), presents the award to Professor Emilian Dudas. (Photo: Humboldt Foundation/Albrecht G.W. Barthel)

Dudas is an internationally renowned theoretical physicist in the field of elementary particle physics. His main areas of research are supersymmetric and superstring theories, and their implications for high energy physics and cosmology. He made pioneering contributions to the analysis of unified theories in higher space-time dimensions. “Emilian Dudas combines a broad theoretical knowledge and outstanding mathematical skills with a strong interest in new experimental developments in high energy physics,” says Professor Wilfried Buchmüller (DESY) who nominated the awardee. At DESY, Dudas will pursue his work on supersymmetric theories and the interplay of particle physics, string theory and cosmology.

Since 1982, the French Ministry of Research and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation annually present the Gay-Lussac Humboldt Award to internationally renowned German and French scientists who were proposed by the research partners in the respective other country, and who coined and promoted Franco-German scientific collaboration.