Consular Corps of Hamburg visits DESY

Today, the Consular Corps of Hamburg and Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD) jointly paid a visit to DESY. About 60 consuls went on a campus tour which included DESY’s "Brilliant Ring" PETRA III - the accelerator ring is the most brilliant synchrotron radiation source in the world. Its intense X-ray light offers unique insights into the world of atoms and molecules. Scientists use it to decode the molecular structure of pathogens, investigate new catalytic materials and run chemical analyses.

Hamburg's First Mayor Olaf Scholz and India's consul general M. Subashini. Image: DESY/Lars Berg

"Modern technologies of all kinds have no foundations on which to stand without basic research," said Scholz. "DESY is a scientific nerve centre which enjoys a worldwide reputation for research of the highest class." The First Mayor emphasised that new scientific insights have no chance to gather dust in a scientific ivory tower at DESY. Findings get across via frequent contacts with the city, its citizens, companies and students instead.

Dosch thanked the City of Hamburg the continuous support of DESY. The chairman of the DESY board of directors emphasised the internationality of Hamburg and the research centre. "The consular service makes essential contributions to the cultivation of relations between nations and for Hamburg as a cosmopolitan and international city," said Dosch. "This also benefits our research centre with its global scientific connections and with more than 3000 guest scientists from all over the world coming every year."

With nearly 100 consulates, Hamburg is one of the largest consulate locations in the world. DESY maintains a dense network of international cooperation and partnerships.

The Hamburg Consular Corps visiting DESY. Image: DESY/Lars Berg