Olaf Scholz visits DESY

On Wednesday, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Olaf Scholz visited the research centre DESY. Olaf Scholz, who knows DESY well, informed himself about current plans and projects of Hamburg’s largest research centre.

In DESY´s school lab physik.begreifen, Mayor Olaf Scholz conducted some vacuum experiments together with Karen Ong, head of the school lab..

After detailed discussions with the DESY directorate, the Mayor paid a visit to the DESY school lab. There he witnessed the good atmosphere and the commitment and concentration of fourth-graders doing vacuum experiments, and of upper secondary school pupils doing electron experiments.

Later, Mayor Scholz was shown around the 300-metre-long experimental hall of the highly brilliant X-ray source PETRA III. In his discussions with scientists, the First Mayor showed himself impressed by the sophisticated technology and the wide range of research that is possible at these modern synchrotron light sources.

Mayor Olaf Scholz: “DESY is an internationally renowned research centre where, for 50 years, well-known scientists from all over the world have obtained brilliant results. Moreover, DESY developed to a unique interdisciplinary campus worldwide, doing top-level research in cooperation with the University of Hamburg and prominent partners. I would also like to emphasise that this top level research is not kept in the ivory tower but also includes an active communication with our city, its citizens and the local companies.”

Professor Helmut Dosch, Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors, answers: "DESY develops and runs X-ray microscopes with highest resolution for the analysis of high-performance materials and new agents, which in the future will be better accessible particularly for high-tech industries in our metropolitan region. Moreover, the interdisciplinary Centre for Structural Systems Biology will also benefit from this unique kind of analytics. We would like to thank the City of Hamburg for supporting this new development and for the reliable funding of research at DESY."