Cooperation in theoretical particle physics

DESY and Linz University prolong cooperation until 2017

Since 2007,  DESY in Zeuthen and the RISC-Institute at Johannes-Kepler-University Linz (JKU) are working closely together in a cooperation for the development and use of computer algorithms. Until 2017, this cooperation will be prolonged and intensified. A corresponding agreement has been signed at JKU recently.

Cooperation prolongued (from left): Prof. J. Blümlein (DESY), Prof. F. Roithmayr, Dr. C. Schneider, Prof. P. Paule (JKU).

Excellent mathematicians are working at the RISC-Institute of Linz University, attested Prof. Johannes Blümlein (DESY). DESY is very happy about this cooperation - likewise is JKU, affirmed JKU's Vice Rector Prof. Friedrich Roithmayr. The scientists of both institutions work together on mathematical problems of perturbative Quantum Field Theory, applied to contemporary problems of Elementary Particle Theory and the calculation of the so-called Feynman loop-integrals.
An important contribution was made by Dr. Carsten Schneider's (JKU) summation package SIGMA. Based on this, DESY and the JKU-RISC-Institute, chaired by Prof. Peter Paule, develop new algorithms for symbolic summation and in the field of special functions, which are applied to solve problems in physics.

Also for the coming years the partners have ambitious plans, directed to even more sophisticated calculations as well as further enhancement of summation algorithms. The results of these analytic calculations will finally be used within phenomenological analyses of high precision high energy collider data in terms of fast numerical codes. The renewed contract forms the basis for a further fruitful collaboration.