Press releases of the year 2004

  • 2004/10/04 Professor Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer Appointed as New Research Director
  • 2004/08/20 Worldwide Consensus of Particle Physicists: Superconductivity for Future Particle Accelerator Project ILC – Use of TESLA Technology – DESY, Hamburg, 20.08.2004 – Today, the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) announced at a scientific conference in Beijing that the planned International Linear Collider (ILC) is to be realized in superconducting technology. This decision is of great importance for DESY and its international partners, since they developed this technology together and successfully tested it at the TESLA Test Facility (TTF) in Hamburg. The ILC is the next major project of particle physics. No decision has yet been taken on the realization and site of the facility. As the next step, scientists will now join forces to develop the technical design of the project as rapidly as possible.
  • 2004/08/04 EU Support for Two Projects Coordinated by DESY EUROFEL and EUROTeV to Receive Euro 9 Million Each For a Period of Three Years
  • 2004/05/19 40 Years of Research with Synchrotron Radiation at DESY The DESY research center celebrates the anniversary of a very special kind of light On Wednesday, May 19, starting at 1.30 p.m., the DESY research center will celebrate the anniversary of a very special kind of light: For 40 years, scientists have been conducting research with so-called synchrotron radiation at DESY – i.e. light with exceptional properties generated at accelerators. “The first measurements with the light beam from the ring accelerator DESY started in 1964. The laboratory was one of the nuclei in which the worldwide success story of research with synchrotron radiation began,” Professor Albrecht Wagner, Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors recalls. “Today, around 1900 scientists from 31 countries are using our accelerator facilities as powerful light sources. This puts us in a very good position in the international synchrotron radiation scene.” And the next 40 years look just as promising for DESY. “Three new light sources will secure us a leading position in the field of research with photons,” says Professor Jochen R. Schneider, Research Director at DESY. “These are the worldwide unique free-electron laser VUV-FEL for vacuum-ultraviolet and soft X-ray radiation, the European X-ray laser XFEL for light with even shorter wavelengths, and the PETRA accelerator which is being converted into PETRA III, the most brilliant storage-ring-based X-ray radiation source in the world.”
  • 2004/05/19 EMBL and DESY continue their 30-year cooperation into 2015