Press releases of the year 2001

  • 2001/09/19 High Power Laser for Ultraviolet Light Breakthrough towards Achieving an X-Ray Laser An international team of scientists at the research center DESY recently succeeded in obtaining the maximum light amplification from a "free-electron laser" (FEL) for ultraviolet radiation. The electron laser produced an amplification of 10 million – this corresponds to the theoretically expected peak performance for such a device and presents a new world record: in comparison with the best existing light sources used for research that operate in the regime of extremely hard ultraviolet radiation, the new laser has over a thousand times the peak brightness.
  • 2001/07/30 Fourfold Power for DESY's "Super Electron Microscope" Conversion of the HERA Accelerator Concluded Germany's largest research instrument, the HERA particle accelerator, restarted operation on Sunday, July 29, 2001. It took just nine months to convert the more than six-kilometer-long subterranean facility, which is located at the DESY Research Center in Hamburg. The objective was to increase HERA's "hit rate" - the number of particles that collide with one another - by a factor of four. This increase in power will provide the researchers with access to extremely rare processes - and so sharpen HERA's gaze on particles and forces beyond the boundaries of the current theory of particle physics, the Standard Model. "We are heading into unexplored territory, and expect to see something new," says Professor Albrecht Wagner, chairman of the DESY Directorate. "It's like when you can catch sight of something surprising because you have put a stronger light source in a normal, optical microscope."
  • 2001/03/23 TESLA – In search of the beginning of the universe Linear accelerator to simulate the beginnings of the cosmos – DESY proposes international some thousand million Euro project in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein
  • 2001/01/29 Non-Invasive Coronary Angiography Successful Conclusion to Angiography Project at DESY