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Canteen Commission

The Canteen Commission represents all employees in dialogue with the institute's management, the works council and the caterer with the aim of guaranteeing consistently good meals in our canteen. Please help us with suggestions and constructive criticism and use this form for this.

Car badges

Parking badges are provided by technical infrastructure (TI), administration building, room 2P11


Please contact Frank Podschun (TI)

Cashier's Office

The cashier's office (2P/9) is open Mo - Mi, 9.30 - 11.00 a.m. Please contact Ms. Sackewitz, Phone: 7281

Cleaning Service

For questions regarding the cleaning of buildings and rooms please contact Silvia Rückert (TI) .

Communication and Networking

Communication and Networking at the location in Zeuthen

Computer Center

Computer Center at DESY in Zeuthen


Copy cards can be obtained at the gatekeeper. Copy cards for private use can be bought at the cashier's office. Contact persons for technical problems are Mr. Partsch (Tel. 7375), Mr. Schieber (Tel. 7368) und Mr. Hagedorn (Tel. 7566).

Corporate Design

Here you can find hints and templates of Corporate Design at DESY.