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3. User Problems


2.5.x changes in overloading
Changes in function overloading
Where can I find a demangler?
static data members
Linker reports undefined symbols for static data members
placement new syntax
g++ won't accept the placement new syntax.
overloaded increment and decrement
operator++ and operator--
bug reports
I think I have found a bug in g++.
porting to g++
Porting programs from other compilers to g++
name mangling
Why does g++ mangle names differently from other C++ compilers?
problems linking with other libraries
Why can't g++ code link with code from other C++ compilers?
What documentation exists for g++ 2.x?
agreement with standards
What are the differences between g++ and the ARM specification of C++?
compiling standard libraries
Will g++ compile InterViews? The NIH class library?
debugging on SVR4 systems
Debugging on SVR4 systems