Summerstudent programme 2017 at DESY - Hamburg

Official announcements for the DESY summer students will be made here. Please read and react. All places mentioned in the following can be found on the DESY Hamburg map with marked places (or see the full map. )

  • Tuesday 18 July, 10:00-11:30, DESY auditorium building 5:
    Opening Session
    Welcome talk and personal Check-In with the DESY summerstudent team, please bring all the necessary documents mentioned in Administrative procedures with you.
  • Tuesday 18 July, 18:30 - 22:30, DESY Canteen Extension bld. 9:
    Welcome Reception with buffet and drinks
  • Wednesday 19 July at 11:30, stairs at the entrance to the foyer of the DESY auditorium:
    A photo of the summer students will be taken after the lecture.

  • Wednesday 19 July 16:30-17:30, bld. 1b, SR4 (see map):
    Start of German language course (voluntary, for interested persons).
    Classification and first steps: Wednesday july 19, 16:30-17:30
    Courses: July 24 - September 04, 2017
    Beginners: Monday 17:00-18:30
    Advanced: Monday 18:30-20:00
    Teacher: Cornelia Johannsen
  • Monday 24 July at 14:00 and Tuesday 25 july at 14:00:
    Guided tour around the DESY site: the meeting point is the Foyer of the DESY auditorium Please take note that we will split - half of the students can attend monday, the other half tuesday.
    Allocation: 20th-21th july, enter your name in the lists in the foyer of the DESY auditorium (e.g. during the breaks between the lectures)
  • Wednesday 26 July and Thursday 27 july 17:00-19:00
    Harbour Boat trip (voluntary, but we highly recommend you to join this fascinating trip through the famous Hamburg harbour on a barge. This tour is different than the usual tourist trips and will offer you deep insights in the world of work in the harbour. This event is privately organised by some DESY people and all participants have to pay a moderate fee to cover the boat renting costs.
    Please register by july 21 at Tour 1 or Tour 2
  • Thursday 24 August ~18:00-22:30
    Barbecue + concert in canteen extension and terrace, sponsored by PIER

  • News Bulletin June 29

    Program announcement poster