DESY  PhysicsResearchCommittee

Rules and General Information

The draft agenda for the open and closed sessions will be available at 4 weeks in advance of the meeting.

OPEN Session:
bullet Speakers for the open session must submit to the PRC secretary a copy of their talk in electronic format before the start of the open session. It is recommended to place the talk on the web so it can be downloaded or to bring a USB stick with you to the session. The talk will be placed on the web after the meeting.
bullet Inform the secretary in advance if you will use transparencies, your own laptop, or a laptop made available by the PRC secretary.
bullet Speakers to the open session must arrive about 1 hour before the start of the open session to register and test their presentation. 
bullet The session is filmed and simulcast so all speakers must sign a release form.

Closed Session:
bullet Any document/transparency which is shown to the PRC must be given to the PRC secretary before you leave the room. A copy in electronic format is best. This is necessary as the chairman of the PRC must give a presentation to the extended scientific council following the PRC meeting. Therefore he needs to have all material available immediately after the meeting. The secretary also needs all documentation in order to write the minutes. 
bullet The names, institutions, and e-mail addresses of all people who will attend the closed session must be submitted to the PRC secretary 2 weeks before the meeting. Please also indicate if they will attend the PRC dinner and if they require a vegetarian meal.
bullet  As the length of the discussion for each item on the agenda can vary wildly it is not possible to keep to the times listed. Therefore every group must inform the PRC secretary who will be the contact person and how they can be reached (Telephone Office). 


R&D Research Projects: