Benedikt HEGNER

How to tackle the Many-Core-Challenge

Even though the miniaturization of transistors on chips continues like
predicted by Moore's law, computer hardware starts to face scaling 
issues, so-called performance 'walls'. The probably best known one is 
the 'power wall', which limits clock frequencies. The best way of 
increasing processor performance remains now to increase the 
parallelization of the architecture. Soon standard CPUs will contain 
many dozen cores on the same die. In addition, vector units become 
again standard. To not to waste the available resources, application 
developers are forced to re-think their traditional ways of software 

This talk will explain some of the common problems, and some ways of 
solving them. It will summarize the on-going parallelization activities 
in the field of high-energy physics software and as well give an 
outlook for what to expect in the coming decade.