Stephan Gross
TU Dresden

The FlexCloud Project

Cloud computing has evolved from well-known concepts such as grid,
utility and autonomic computing. Today, the term cloud computing 
describes different ways of providing on-demand and pay-per-use 
access to pools of elastic virtualised computing resources. However, 
beside the obvious financial advantages of this approach there exist 
reasonable reservations about the deployment of cloud computing 
services, in essence concerning data security and compliance. From a 
users perspective, one hands over the control over his data and 
services to his provider when entering the cloud. The FlexCloud 
research group ( aims at supporting a secure cloud 
computing life cycle and works on new methods and technical support to 
place the user in a position to benefit from the advantages of cloud 
computing without giving up the sovereignty over his data and 

This talk will summarize the on-going activities of the FlexCloud 
group and give an overview of our first results.