ATLAS Analysis Model


As we near the collection of the first data from the Large Hadron Collider, the
ATLAS collaboration is preparing the software and computing infrastructure to
allow quick analysis of the first data and support of the long-term
steady-state ATLAS physics program. As part of this effort considerable attention 
has been payed to the "Analysis Model", a vision of the interplay of the software
design, computing constraints, and various physics requirements. An important 
input to this activity has been the experience of Tevatron and B-Factory 
Recently, much of the Analysis Model has focused on ensuring the ATLAS software 
framework supports the required manipulations of event data; the event data design 
and content is consistent with foreseen calibration and physics analysis tasks; 
the event data is optimized in size, access speed, and is accessible both inside 
and outside the software framework; and that the analysis software may be 
developed collaboratively.