Seminar Datenverarbeitung in der Hochenergiephysik

 Computing in High Energy Physics

Wintersemester 2003/04
DESY Hamburg / Universität Hamburg
R. Mankel

 27.10. A. Gellrich
DESY Hamburg
Grids at DESY
R. Baltrusch
DESY Hamburg
XP and .NET - the New Windows World at DESY
24.11. S. Wiesand
DESY Zeuthen
Report from the HEPiX/NT 2003 Conference
  1.12. S. Burke
Experience with the EDG and LCG Grids
K. Schauerhammer/
K. Ullmann (DFN)
Grids & Networks - Two Complementary
Infrastructures for the Scientific Community

 12. 1. D. Düllmann
The LCG POOL Persistency - Project Overview
& First Production Experience

 19. 1.  K. Lappe
DESY Hamburg
Requirements Management: a Software Engineering
Tool to Help Coordinating Large Accelerator Projects
 26. 1.
M. Kasemann
Status of the LHC Computing Project
   2. 2.
P. Galvez
Global Platform for Rich Media Conferencing
and Collaboration (VRVS)

   9. 2.
M. G. Pia
INFN Genova
Particle Physics Software and  the Fight
Against Cancer
 16. 2.
D. Hatton
DESY Hamburg
Code Management in Multi-Programmer Environments

Venue: Monday, 16:00-17:30, DESY, Geb. 1b, Seminarraum 3.

Einige Titel sind vorläufig. Die Vorträge 
sind im allgemeinen in englischer Sprache.
Some titles are preliminary. In general, 
the language of the talks is English.

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