DESY Phone Book

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The link on the building/room combination opens a map of the building.


Name                         Group        Bld/Room    ext       Mobile Fax  PWP
Laserlabor Rossbach/Roensch-Schulenburg  UNI-ASG       99/EG.151  86063                    
Messlabor Rossbach/Roensch-Schulenburg  UNI-ASG       99/EG.153  86064                    
Rossbach      Joerg          UNI/EXP      30B/468     3617      93617  3617    
     (further location)                   99/O1.056                           

From outside DESY dial +49-40-8998-ext. Phone numbers starting with *120 are EMBL phone numbers. To reach these numbers from outside DESY take the last three digits and call +49-40-89902-ext.

Numbers listed in the fax column are able to receive fax via dialing +49-40-8994 in front.

Request for changing phone book entries can be posted to

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