Our internal education and Training program provides comprehensive seminar and training offers. All employees at DESY get the opportunity to deepen individual areas of interest and to enhance skills.

DESY internal education and Training program

The internal DESY education and Training program offers a comprehensive range of training courses and seminars, German and English language courses for different levels and also information events and field excursions.

The program is only for DESY employees in Hamburg and Zeuthen. Language classes are also open to family members of DESY employees.

We offer special trainings for managers and future managers. For non DESY employees working for other institutes on the DESY campus, please feel free to contact us. If there are available spots we are happy to help.

If you are interested in a special class, please contact us. Seminar contents and priorities are determined individually based on the needs of participants. We have a wide range of trainers to ensure different methods, approaches and practices.

Current schedule


Physical activities

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Back Training


Soft skills

  • Take the lead – Leading Role and Motivational Skills!
  • Time Management
  • Optimizing Meetings
  • Effective business conversation skills
  • Managing conflicts – how to deal with difficult situations


Language classes

  • German
  • English


We follow the Common European Framework (CEF) for Foreign Language Teaching from the European Commission and offer four teaching levels: A1 - A2 - B1- B2. A - Beginner / Elementary (A1 and A2) B - Intermediate / Upper-intermediate (B1 and B2).