DESY offers top-class scientists’ a dual career service for dual career couples. Already in the course of an appointment or after a job change to DESY, this service is available for the accompanying partner.

DESY is very interested in attracting highly qualified employees and wants to make sure that the partner’s career does not suffer because of the move. This is why the Dual Career Office provides an individual start-up support and proposes career connection options. Moreover, the good networking of the Dual Career Office with the metropolitan region of Hamburg creates ideal access opportunities into the labour market.

Career Service

The Dual Career Office works with you to determine strategies to position yourself well on the regional job market. Access to job vacancies, guidance in the process of application and further actions for career development are all part of the Dual Career services.
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Dual Career Network Hamburg and the north

The Dual Career Office is cross-linked with research centers, universities, larger companies and other employers in the Hamburg metropolitan area. This initiative will benefit Dual Career Candidates as their CV and application will be forwarded directly and targeted at an appropriate position within the Network.
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Welcome in Hamburg

Hamburg is a very attractive city. You will be able to discover many new things while keeping your own culture. This webpage provides information on life at DESY and tips and tricks on how to settle down in Hamburg. Further information can be found here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I eligible for the dual career programme at DESY?

The employer decides whether a job offer will include a dual career offer. If this is the case, DESY will make a dual career offer, with a corresponding assignment to premium or basis package. Already in the course of the appointment or after the official recruitment, you will be informed about the dual career possibilities.

2. What can I expect from the dual career programme?

The basic package provides a start-up support to enter the Hamburg job market. The access to job offers and corresponding links will be discussed. Help for job applications will be provided and a strategy for further action will be developed. The premium package includes a comprehensive assistance for integration into the region, with a more intensive job search. There will be an active job search assistance and the establishment of personal contacts within the Dual Career Network Hamburg and the north for a better CV placement.

3. How do I get connected with the Dual Career Office?

The employer makes contact with the Dual Career Office and then the office will contact you. Usually, a clearing interview will be arranged at an early opportunity.

4. What will the clearing interview be like and what do I have to bring along?

In the clearing interview, the Dual Career Office informs you about the individual services offered and the horizon of expectation will be clarified. You should find out for yourself in advance where you want to work and whether you want to work full-time or part-time. You should preferably prepare all issues which you regard as important for you so that we can discuss efficiently about what you would like to have. The question of which documents are necessary will often be answered when the appointment for the interview is made. At the clearing interview it will be determined if your application includes all necessary documents of if additional documents are required.

5. What are the advantages of the Dual Career Network Hamburg and the north?

A dual career network is being developed for the Hamburg metropolitan region. Interested larger companies, research centres, universities and other employers of the region plan to build a job placement network for dual career cases. Each participating enterprise and institution names an ambassador who will optimally place the CV of the dual career candidate provided that the candidate's profile matches the working environment. The networking connections in the region will facilitate the job search for the candidates.

6. What does “facilitation of mobility” involve?

A move to DESY requires a lot of effort: dealing with authorities, house hunting, arrangement of child care, etc. The International Office with its long-standing experience will help you to make relocation easier. Additionally the premium package of the Dual Career Office includes support in correspondences, scheduling and other problematic issues that may arise due to language barriers. Your relocation should proceed easily and positively.

7. Does it make sense to learn German?

When you work and want to feel at ease in Germany, it is indispensable that you at least acquire a basic knowledge in German on level A2. Even if you find a job where you can get along with English, you will need elementary German language skills.

8. How can I get in touch with my native fellows and how can I live in my own native culture in Hamburg?

Apart from using the services available at DESY, we recommend to network with your native fellows in Hamburg. You can exchange tips and information among each other which will help you to make life in Hamburg easier. Under the heading “start-up support” you will get information on foreign clubs and twin cities of Hamburg which regularly offer interesting events. .