29.01.2019 / 17:00 / Hamburg, CFEL SR I

Let´s talk: dealing with Depression at work!

Volkmar Suhr (Therapist and counsellor )

Businesses operate in increasingly pressured times, with employees under stress. Globally, over 300 million people each year are affected by depression. What are the best ways to identify employees, colleagues or close people who might be suffering from stress or depression? What should you be aware of when a colleague has depression? Let´s talk: dealing with Depression at work! Therapist and counsellor Volkmar Suhr will give a talk on January 29, at 17.00, CFEL SRI (Building 99, Luruper Chaussee 149). Stephanie Franke, Counseling for University Staff (Sozialberatung) and Prevention of addiction Unit of Universität Hamburg, will also be available for questions. Please register here: https://indico.desy.de/indico/event/22156/

Mehr Informationen: https://indico.desy.de/indico/event/22156/