Career Service

The DESY Career Service offers two different service Levels. The Premium Service is usually employed for staff of level III and higher, while the Basic Service is applicable for scientific staff, PhDs or post-docs. The latter can be used if the employer specifically includes the dual career offer in the vacancy note to encourage applications.

Basic Service

The Basic Service concentrates on the dual career partner's integration into the regional labour market. We will have an introductory discussion on the dual career partner's possibilities and expectations. The Dual Career Office will examine and optimise application papers. A strategy on how to enter the labour market will be discussed. The Dual Career Network will not be employed for the basic service package. Information on DESY services and transfer to relevant in-house service partners are also part of the package.

Premium Service

The Premium Service is a complete package comprising support in entering the regional job market, individual German lessons and all-round relocation help.

At first there will be an introductory discussion to define aims and expectations of the dual career partner concerning his or her career in Hamburg. The Dual Career Office will assist in looking for suitable job opportunities, but of course we cannot guarantee placements. The Dual Career Team will check application documents and rehearse job interviews if desired. The CV of the dual career partner can be added to the Dual Career Network, so that suitable jobs can be found by the Network Partners. We can also provide further training courses and coachings.

The Premium Service also includes an intense and individualised German training course for both dual career partners. This intensive and ambitious German language training will help you to manage everyday life in Germany within a short period of time. The teacher is certified for teaching German as a foreign language.

The Dual Career Office is cross-linked with other DESY services. One important internal partner is the International Office of DESY, which is well experienced in helping international scientists and their families. Another major partner is the DESY Housing Office, which offers accommodation services to scientists. Further assistance can be provided for appointments and correspondences in German to avoid problems resulting from language issues. All these efforts aim at making the dual career couple feel at home in Hamburg.